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Hey Sinners! 


Although we here at Sinners HQ believe that one of the most important and best things in life is meeting up to dance and sin with incredible humans, one of the few things we recognize as more important is keeping you healthy for more Bristol-bases sinning in the future. 


As such, with heavy hearts, we have to announce that Severn Sinners will not take its normal format in 2020. We've waited as long as we can to announce this, because we *really* love dancing with you.


Instead of dwelling on that decision we've got a deal to offer you...We’ll spend a year building up our excitement and planning for an even more epic adventure, and you keep us fondly in your memories and dreams.


Also, we are currently scheming possibilities for a small, local Bristol-scene event - think magical, outdoor vibes (and murder). We’ll have a chat with our community about what feels right nearer the time and will keep you posted. 


Best wishes and love

Your Sinning Aupervisors. can also send us noodz if you like, we're all super thirsty during lockdown, and you are all freaking snacks


Got something you want to bring to the event? 
Do you want to participate?
Play music?
Need further convincing?

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